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Towada Oyu Hot Spriing with
800-year history since its opening

Enjoy slow and gentile relaxing time in the best hot spring curing tourists since ancient time.

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Hot Springs

800 years of history since its opening Famous “Oyu Hot Spring”

Oyu Hot Spring is located at the southern gate of Lake Towada, which has 800 years of history since its opening; therefore, this has attracted widespread popularity as "Ideyu-no-sato (village of hot spring) " or "Yukemuri-no-sato (village of steam rising from a hot spring)" from of old. In Edo period, Oyu was designated as health hot spring resort for the lord of Nambu domain. Since then, Oyu Hot Spring, "Famous hot spring in Kazuno" has been widely known as one of the 5 best hot springs in Nambu domain. Initially, the communal bathhouse where 4 hot springs were discharged became hot spring house; then gradually, hot spring recuperation inns were built close to the house.


We serve foods in the best condition

Providing highly-selected foods at its best! We seriously choose and think which food ingredients and their quality are the best then try to make our guests pleased as much as possible. In our popular traditional Japanese meal course, you can try the unique "Kiritanpo-nabe (one-pot) dish" only to be tasted in its birthplace. Please enjoy its splendid taste received well among our guests, so you join us to eat the soup completely.
*Ingredients vary depending on the season.


A calm place to relax and enjoy luxurious time to ease your heart

A spacious room is provided in order for guests to relax and stay with comfort. Japanese room with lounge has a cypress bath to exhibit a luxurious space. You can have a full view of the hot spring village and mountains through the window, which brings "peace of mind " with a sense of nostalgia to you.


Cross-point of North Tohoku Region to the southern gate of Lake Towada

Hotel Kazuno, as the mother hotel with the best location and luxurious facilities, is now opening a new chapter of Lake Towada era.

Akita Oyu Hot Spring - Hotel Kazuno
5-1, Aza-Nakayachi, Towada Oyu, Kazuno City, Akita 018-5421 JAPAN


Sightseeing spots near the legendary place Kazuno

Lake Towada, its surface is indigo blue, is a caldera lake. Many visitors have been fascinated and impressed with its mysterious beauty. Let alone the splendid scenery of colored leaves, sceneries of wild cherry trees (Cerasus sargentii) in May and scenic tender green in June are also as splendid as those in autumn.

Tourist Attraction Spot

Oyu Hot Spring Village

800 years since opening

Oyu Hot Spring Village is the oldest Hot Spring village in the city. The village is located at the south entrance of Lake Towada and is a beautiful hot spring street with resorts and hotels along the road.

Lake Towada

Deep-Blue Waters

Lake Towada is a 327m deep lake that extends over Akita Prefecture and Aomori Prefecture, with a circumference of 44km. It is proudly known as the 3rd deepest lake in Japan.

Oirase Valley

The ever-changing waters

“Choushi-Otaki” is a waterfall 20 meters wide and 7 meters high. Even today the beautiful soul-stirring amount of water faithfully guards the secret of Lake Towada.

Hachimantai Hot Spring Village

Opened since the Houei Era

The name “Fukenoyu Hot Spring” originated from the fact the village prospered due to its hot spring therapy known as “Fukashi-no-Yu” that uses geothermal heat. In addition, the few types of spring sources containing different compounds are also rare. The “Kin-no-Shachihoko” shining in Tenshukaku is also famous.


World Natural Heritage

The world's largest primeval beech forest that has gone almost untouched by humans, is characteristic of Shirakami-Sanchi.

Stone Circle

Late Jomon Period

This historical ruin was made from rocks taken from a riverbed 7km away. The rocks were grouped into various different shapes and arranged in a double ring shape. The stone circles are one of the few unique historical ruins that hold many mysteries waiting to be solved.


Japan Oldest

Korakukan is a theater that is an important cultural property of Japan. Besides the “Permanent Performances”,“Kabuki Big Play” by present-day famous stars is part of the available performances enjoyed by many people.

Mt. Hakodasan

One of the One Hundred Famous Mountains of Japan

The mountain feet of the mountain range of Mt. Hakodasan spreads open beautifully in four directions. Due to that, you can find beautiful valleys and waterfalls in the upstream area.

Hanawa Ski Resort

Official Ski Ground

Here at Hanawa Ski Resort you get to enjoy different ski courses such as “Giant Course,” having ski slopes with an elevation of 750m and total distance of 1500m, used in official races; and “Family Course” that is beginner friendly.

Osarizawa Mine Historic Site

1300 Years Since Founding

The largest copper ore mountain chains mining ruins of Osarizawa Mine historic site tells the history of modernization of Japan. You can feel the flow of modernization just by looking at this historic site left behind by our ancestors.


Oyu Odaiko

Held on 15 August

Oyu Odaiko (lit. Oyu Big Drum) is designated as an Akita Prefecture ethnic intangible cultural property. A team of 4 people beat the 45kg “Yobi Taiko,” attracting attention of crowds. The “Dai no Saka” is beaten continuously until people form a circle. “Shimaidaiko” is beaten continuously after the dance ends.

Kemanai Bon Odori

Held from 21st to 23rd August

Kemanai Bon Odori is one of the elegant and beautiful 3 Big Bon Odori of Akita Prefecture, a tradition in the Kemanai area of Kazuno City in Akita Prefecture.Kemanai Bon Odori is also a designated national intangible ethnic cultural property. The “Dai-no-Saka” where performers dance with Odaiko and hayashi flutess and “Jinku (lit. lively dance)” where performers dance while sing unaccompanied by music.

Hanawa Bayashi

eld from 19th to 20th August

Hanawa Bayashi is a festival held in Hanawa, Kazuno City in Akita Prefecture. The festival is a designated national intangible ethnic cultural property. The luxurious and gorgeous 10 “Koshinukeyatai,” where hayashi performers parade is performed over 2 days.

Aomori Nebuta

Held from 2nd to 7th August

Aomori Nebuta is a summer festival held annually from 2nd to 6th August in Aomori City. During this festival, you get to see “Dashi” with giant human shaped dolls called “Nebuta” parade the main street.

Akita Kanto Festival

Held from 3rd to 6th August

In Akita Kanto Festival, participants hold lantern poles with lanterns resembling ears of rice and lantern poles resembling bags of rice, on their forehead, hips, and shoulders to pray for good harvest. The festival is designated as an important intangible ethnic cultural property and together with the Nebuta Festival from Aomori Prefecture and the Tanabata Festival from Sendai, it is one of the 3 big festivals of Tohoku.

Dainichidou Bugaku

Held on 2nd January

Dainichidou Bugaku is a folk entertainment bugaku that is handed down in Dainichireiki Shrine in Hachimantai of Kazuno City in Akita Prefecture. In 2009, the bugaku is registered as an intangible cultural heritage with UNESCO. The bugaku is performed as an offering annually on the 2nd January at the Ohirumemuchi Shrine (a.k.a Dainichidou).

Akita Oyu Hot Spring - Hotel Kazuno
5-1, Aza-Nakayachi, Towada Oyu, Kazuno City, Akita 018-5421 JAPAN